How We Give

Giving Back

We believe it’s essential to give back, and so we’ll donate a portion of the job you do with us to one of the organizations below.
If you have a preference please let us know and we’ll make that donation to your selection.

Together we get to do a little more to touch the world!

Caring Hands India
In southern India, there’s a belief that a Hindu god can be appeased by prostituting innocent children in the temples. It’s a sad, sad thing. Caring Hands is a Christian ministry that rescues these children and gives them the life they deserve. They are taught what true love is, are given food and shelter, clothing and education, and medical care. Were they to stay in the temples, they’d be part of a system that continues for generations, a system that deprives them of all hope, dignity, and love. Caring Hands gives them these through Jesus Christ. For more information, visit

House of Hope Nicaragua
House of Hope is a rehabilitation program for women and their children leaving the world of prostitution and human trafficking in Nicaragua. Recently, due to an increase of crime in the country, the number of women cared for has doubled. Through House of Hope, the women are able to get the emotional and spiritual support they need. They also receive assistance with housing, medical support, schooling for their children, and training in vocational marketing skills including access to a micro-grant program. The organization has recently expanded to Honduras, as well. For more information, visit