Exploring Purpose God's Way

God is doing new things in our world, and He’s about to unlock new doors in the marketplace through business builders like you and me! Enter into a space where we can learn and grow together, taking on new perspectives and revelation for the road ahead. Dive into the Father’s heart with me as He unveils His goodness for us, and His desires to truly make us fruitful

~ Michele Keen

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I’ve been thinking more and more about the blessings of God, but it’s been taking on a whole new flavor. One of the greatest blessings we could receive is to be a friend of God. Let’s think about that. The creator of the universe … HE calls us friend. But what does that mean?? In James 2:23, it says that Abraham believed God, and in that God regarded Abraham as righteous, and called him His friend. In John 15:15, Jesus...
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“Everything I do, I do it for you.” These are the words I heard the Lord say the other day, and it brought me to my knees. “EVERYTHING,” He said. “Everything.” I created the heavens and the earth for you.I went to the cross for you.I restored relationship with the Father for you.I conquered sin and death for you.I made a way for you.Everything I do, I do it for you.I make ALL things possible … for you. It brings...
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Coming into this year, God shared a powerful word with me — “Limitless”. In that, He spoke to my heart and said this would be a limitless year. Can you imagine? What would it look like to be limitless, free to move in ways we never have before? Just think about that for a moment. Never hindered. No longer delayed. Able to soar above our imagination. It seems impossible. But isn’t that who God is? He’s the God of the...
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