A New Catch

The other day, I was working out on my MaxPro Fitness device. I’m doing the van life, working from the road, and being a gym-goer for so many years, I had to find some way of keeping in shape. This device folds up and fits in a backpack, but when unpacked, it has weight resistance up to 300 lbs and gives you a full body workout. It’s amazing! While I was exercising, I thought to myself, “Wow, I am SO glad the guy who invented this carried through with his vision and made this thing. Where would I be without it?” Immediately, the Lord hit my spirit. “In the same way,” He said, “people are crying, begging for you to step into your call.”

That hit like a ton of bricks. Never before had I thought of it that way. God has been tugging at my heart for a new direction, and I’ve been stalling Him. For me, I don’t see how His plans add up, how they’re going to meet my needs. MY needs, mind you. I’ve been thinking about me. But in that moment, He totally shifted things. “People are depending on you to answer your call.”

There is a whole new shift, and not only is it going to change how we’re going to do things, but it may very well change what we do. And I promise you, it won’t make a lick of sense!

For the past week, Peter has been heavy on my mind. He had been fishing all night long when he came up empty. Mind you, this was his business. He was a fisherman. He lived, breathed, ate fish. He knew the industry inside and out, and most probably his father was a fisherman, and his grandfather was one, too. It’s what they knew. But after spending an endless night at sea, Peter comes to shore and meets Jesus. And what does He tell him? “Go out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

Now, Peter was exhausted. He knew there were no fish to be had. And especially not where Jesus was sending him, at this time of the day. “I’m not going to catch anything there. This is pointless.” I’m sure those were the thoughts in his head. BUT he went anyway. And what happened? He caught a catch so overwhelming, it filled his boat and required that others help, too. It was unheard of, impossible. It was God.

When we’ve been doing what we know to do and it goes dry, it’s because God’s got something better for us. And it’s FAR above what we can imagine. Maybe you’re stuck in a routine. Maybe the passion you once had for what you do is waxing and waning. Or there’s a burning fire in your heart feeling you were made for more. If that’s you, God is moving you from the old grid and about to launch you into the new!

It’s not easy, though. The spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak. You may be burning with desire for a shift, but the logic in your head says, “How in the world is that going to make ends meet?” Again, notice the thinking of ourselves. Boy, is God stretching us! Boy, is this taking us out of our paradigm. But trust me, God always raises us higher … even if we don’t understand. The key goes back to Trust-Listen-Obey. That first one being a kicker … and that last one, too.

Going back to my workout equipment, that’s a simple device. How much greater is your call for the Kingdom? Especially looking at our world today. What is in you that God wants to pull out to impact many? You’ve been groomed for it all your life.

I think back to Peter, and consider this … Where would we be if he didn’t cast his nets where Jesus told him? First off, he never would have caught that catch. He never would have been so immensely blessed. And neither would all those who helped him. This always includes a blessing for others. But it goes so much further than that. Because of that catch, Peter fell at the feet of Jesus, cried out to Him, and became His disciple. It launched him into his destiny. And from there, despite his imperfections, Peter grew to become one of the great founders of the Church. The gospel would not be where it is today without him. Think of the lives that have been touched because of his obedience. Just because he threw his nets where it didn’t make sense. What is God calling you to? What is the impact He has for you in this world, that you cannot yet see? God is a good God, and if He’s calling you, it’s for a good reason … and trust me, you WILL be taken care of, and you WILL be blessed.

More than that, though, there are people out there begging, praying that you’ll answer your call. They need what God has planted in you. You were born for THIS moment that the world is in. Will you go out to the deep and cast your nets?

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