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God is doing new things in our world, and He’s about to unlock new doors in the marketplace through business builders like you and me! Enter into a space where we can learn and grow together, taking on new perspectives and revelation for the road ahead. Dive into the Father’s heart with me as He unveils His goodness for us, and His desires to truly make us fruitful

~ Michele Keen

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Hi everyone, it’s been a while! My apologies, but it’s with great reason. I’ve been fighting my giants! Last time I left you all, I was detailing steps God was showing me through the Book of Joshua, from chapters 1 to 13. I am literally blown away by what He’s done since, in my own life, that reflect so much of what’s written there. I’ll get more to that later, but as I’ve been asking Him how to restart things...
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This is the season of rich, rich fulfillment. God is orchestrating our plans to accomplish more in this season than we did in past years combined. But there’s a battle to be had, so don’t be surprised if you’re caught off guard. I, for one, have missed the mark in ways I wouldn’t expect. We want so much to get things perfect, but God is humbling us and assuring us that it’s not our perfection that matters, but our passion....
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It’s been a couple weeks since my last post. To be honest, God’s gotta walk us through things before we can speak on them, and that’s where I’ve been lately. Walking. Early, at the beginning of this blog, I mentioned that He’s taking off limits in our lives, and those limits include the areas we’ve been limiting Him. The giants in the land are what He’s putting His finger on right now, so that we can move into a whole...
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The other day, I was working out on my MaxPro Fitness device. I’m doing the van life, working from the road, and being a gym-goer for so many years, I had to find some way of keeping in shape. This device folds up and fits in a backpack, but when unpacked, it has weight resistance up to 300 lbs and gives you a full body workout. It’s amazing! While I was exercising, I thought to myself, “Wow, I am SO...
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I woke up early this morning with a message in my heart. It’s crazy because this is the message God woke my pastor up with, when he had plans for a different message, too. But it’s heavy on God’s heart, and important to Him. This is what He said — “Tell My people that when they do these three things, they’re guaranteed My blessing.” When my pastor shared this a few Sundays ago, it stopped me in my tracks. This...
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