About Us

Our Story

Life has an amazing way of bringing you exactly where you need to be. It takes you down twists and turns that you’d never expect, or even choose. But in hindsight, when you look at where you came from, it all makes sense. And you wouldn’t exchange it for anything.

Such is the journey of Creative Eden.

Personally, I had grown up in an environment where I wasn’t allowed to be me. I was forced to fit into a mold that stripped me of every essence of who I am. I remember coming to the end of my string, praying for death. It was then that I cried out to God for help. “BUT”, I said, “You have got to show me who you really are because I refuse to believe you’re who they’ve made you out to be. Who are you, really??” It’s amazing, even in my utter loss of identity, I asked God for His. And His love poured out on me like nobody’s business and everything began to change.

Sure, there was a road of growth from there, but because of my experience I developed a passion for identity and purpose. Not just for myself and my team, but for the clients we serve. You see, each one of us is created with purpose and destiny. And in the same way, our companies are birthed with vision. It’s when we grasp hold of identity that our wings take flight — and it goes the same whether we’re talking on a personal level or relating to business.

Each business has an identity, and when it’s defined and comes alive, it creates the foundation of destiny. Identity sets clarity to your vision, it propels you into purpose, and is the anchor you return to when life takes you off course. Your identity is the soul of your company. It depicts the character of who you are, your goals, and how you present yourself to the world. It creates unity, builds focus, and loyalty. It defines the types of people you serve, and the way in which you serve them. Identity creates consistency and security. Identity is the seed of your success.

When you have the wrong identity, your company is compromised. But with the right identity, even a small company finds the courage to make incredible leaps. It’s knowing the power identity holds that drives us to design websites, logos, and print design best suited for our clients. We add to that SEO and social media, photography, custom illustrations, content development, 3D video, and programming for a clear message you can trust.

Identity is our passion. And we’re here to ensure the identity of your company is honest and true. Too much in our world today is a false facade of what we think we should be. But it’s not real, and therefore it’s ineffective. It takes not knowing identity to realize its importance, and how to harness it. Having come through the hoops, and finding our own, it’s our passion and joy to bring an authentic identity to you!

Our Mission

To bring a strong presence to our clients, drawing out their vision through effective identity and functionality, so they may achieve their purpose fully.


Michele Keen
Owner & Creative Director

Scott Thornton
Designer, Developer & Illustrator

Eric Langlitz
Designer & Developer

Brian Bugembe
3D Video Animator & Illustrator

Teri Moy

Brooke Strickland
Content Developer

Who We Serve

Our clientele are primarily small to mid-sized businesses and organizations where we can have a direct impact and develop close relationships. We serve companies of all types, in locations both domestic and abroad, and are particularly interested in those that give back to society in some way.