How We Give

Giving Back

We believe giving back is a key element of success. When we realize we’re not here for ourselves, but are here to help others, something beautiful happens. In answer to that call, we’ve chosen to donate 5% of any job you do with us in support of a ministry or non-profit. And we let you choose!  When you select from the list below, we’ll donate from the total sale of our services, not including partnered and third party costs.*

We love seeing your purpose unfold, and getting to play a part in that. Now here’s a way we get to do even more together. When you team with us for design, we’ll help fuel someone else’s call. We love to create. Let’s create a little Eden. 🍃

* Not included in the program is SEO & social media, photography, 3D video, and any out-of-pocket expenses such as stock imagery.

Childhood Cancer Guides
Nancy Keene is the mother of a childhood cancer survivor. The challenges she faced in the medical system are pressures no family should endure. So many questions, so little answers. Because of her passion to help others in a similar situation, she’s written multiple books. Through these, Childhood Cancer Guides offers education and support to all members of the family. The books are filled with more than 600 stories and are reviewed by close to 200 specialists. Through them, families get the guidance they need, and a community to lean on. For more information, visit

Caring Hands India
In southern India, there’s a belief that a Hindu god can be appeased by prostituting innocent children in the temples. It’s a sad, sad thing. Caring Hands is a Christian ministry that rescues these children and gives them the life they deserve. They are taught what true love is, are given food and shelter, clothing and education, and medical care. Were they to stay in the temples, they’d be part of a system that continues for generations, a system that deprives them of all hope, dignity, and love. Caring Hands gives them these through Jesus Christ. For more information, visit

Wall of Fire
High on the hills of northern Israel is a prayer house where people can go to pray for the protection of Israel. Just 4 km from the Lebanon border, and in clear sight of the Syrian border, this ministry is in a strategic location. People from more than 30 nations have come here. Prayer assignments through the land have also been conducted, reaching into historical roots of this region. Prayer does work, and when we come together big things happen. For more information, visit

Pets take a special place in our hearts. Sometimes in the most difficult seasons, it’s their unconditional love that helps us get through. And that’s why we feel a special draw to help them out where we can. For creatures that love so much, getting abused must hurt them to the core. Yet, somehow, they learn to love again. It’s with that love that we support Nowzad, an amazing organization that reunites stray dogs in war zones with their military friends. Soldiers find comfort in their love, and when a soldier’s tour is up, Nowzad makes it possible for their furry friend to return home with them. It’s a heartfelt experience that fills both human and pup. Two souls enduring hardship together. Two souls learning to love again. For more information, visit

Save the Storks
64% of post-abortive women say they felt pressured to have an abortion, and 79% say they were never informed about alternate options. Save the Storks is a wonderful organization that gives women a choice they can live with. Their mobile medical unit provides free sonograms, and when a mother hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time, something miraculous happens. As a result, 80% of the women who have come to Save the Storks have chosen life, resulting in more than 4,000 children birthed. The organization provides support with supplies, clothes, and financial aid, giving women the help they didn’t know they had. An abortion takes place every 30 seconds, and so many mothers live with the pain of their decisions. Save the Storks saves babies, but they save moms, too. For more information, visit