About Us

Our Story

Creative Eden was birthed out of a hope for pure identity through custom design, and this still remains an important focus today. Our roots began in 1996 when owner, Michele Clark, co-owned her first design firm. Nine years later, she broke off to form Creative Freedom. Ten years from that, Creative Eden was born. It’s been a journey of searching and understanding ourselves, looking at what clients need, and how we can utilize our gifts to serve them.

As with all growth comes change and though we began with a focus on branding, we are now primarily centered on website design. Identity gives us vision, understanding of what we’re here for, and how to stay the course. Identity produces purpose, and it’s the purpose of our clients that we now seek to draw forth. Expertly crafted websites let us do that.

Each site includes the opportunity to do so much more with design. Custom programming brings to life functional, engaging ideas. Search engine optimization and social media support ensure sites are seen. Powerful features like 3D video animation, professional photography and illustration, and SEO-rich content drive forward the message. Our initial love for logo design sets the cornerstone if clients need them. And print, if needed, lets them spread the word.

It’s vital to have a website these days, and having one that’s specially-tuned and representative of your core drives your purpose. Now that’s something worth getting excited about!

Our Mission

To bring a strong web presence to our clients, drawing out their vision through effective identity and functionality, so they may achieve their purpose fully.


Michele Clark
Owner & Project Manager

Scott Thornton
Designer, Developer & Illustrator

Eric Langlitz
Designer & Developer

Brian Bugembe
3D Video Animator & Illustrator

Joe Connolly
SEO Manager

Patrick Barner
SEO Manager

Teri Moy

Brooke Strickland
Content Developer

Who We Serve

Our clientele are primarily small to mid-sized businesses and organizations where we can have a direct impact and develop close relationships. We serve companies of all types, in locations both domestic and abroad, and are particularly interested in those that give back to society in some way.